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return to baseball. his words, his performance last night and what's next in his intention. >> another major sale in the world we call old media. one of the icons of the tech era taking over "the washington post." and you might want to know that not just working at airports anymore. get that laptop out. get the stinky shoes off and get up for "way too early." good morning. brian shactman here. we have a story about the relationship between twitter and tv watching. put it this way. i need a few more followers here if we're going to get this thing right. we begin with a pretty disturbing story out of pennsylvania. a man is in custody this morning accused of shooting and killing several people at a town
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meeting. he's accused of opening fire through the window of the meeting in ross township, which is about 15 minutes outside of pittsbur pittsburgh. he then reportedly walked in and started shooting at random. one witness said he was wearing a blue hawaiian shirt as he shot three people and injured two others. . he went back to his car and according to police got another gun. he was bear hugged and shot with his own gun by a local official who was at the meting. he had an ongoing fight with township officials over threats that his property would be condemned. also this morning, you'll probably hear just a little bit today about alex rodriguez. yesterday the he received a 211-game suspension related to performance-enhancing drug and the investigation after that. the suspension will officially begin on thursday, but a-rod will continue to play while he appeals the league's decision. the three-time al mvp spoke
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before the game last night in chicago. >> i want to express to you guys and the fans of baseball that the last seven months has been a nightmare. probably the worst time of my life. i'm fighting for my life. i have to defend myself. if i don't defend myself, no one else will. there's a process. i'm happy to process. in due time, whatever happens, happens. >> his reputation, his name sake, but not his life. he's going to be okay. >> at the game, rodriguez a course of boos met him at his first at bat. he went 1 for 4. the yankees lost 8-1. a-rod may be the headline, but major league baseball suspended 12 other players connected to the investigation. among the notable names nelson
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cruz, and the tigers johnny peralta. all 12 were suspended for 50 games. for a-rod, this is technically a first offense, but his penalty clearly much more severe. mlb explained saying based on his use and possession of numerous forms of performance-enhancing drug including testosterone over the course of multiple years. the league also added a-rod, quote, covered up his violations of the program by engaging in a course of conduct intended to obstruct and frustrate the office of the commissioners investigation. a-rod has never actually failed an mlb drug test but admitted to using performance-enhancing drug from 2001 to 2003 before playering were tested. if his appeal fails, he's still owed $61 million on his contract when he comes back in 2015.
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by the way, the yankees and a-rod return to the bronx on friday. ticket sales already popping 10%. one of most iconic publications in the history of journalist the "washington post" has a new owner. jeff bezos, the man who founded, will take the reigns maying paying $250 million for it. the chairman said no one should be sad except for him. >> we knew we could keep "the post" alive. but our aspirations for the post have been higher than that. so we went to see if we could find a buyer who would do a fair deal with the "washington post" company and also have opened the possibility for a better future for "the post."
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>> its circulation has withered nearly half from its peak in 1993. still to staff, he expressed optimism adding that the values of the paper do not need changing. programming decisions by nbc and cnn are creating a bit of a controversy with republicans and could have an impact on the 2016 election. the rnc chairman is calling on both networks to reconsider their decisions to shoot and air programs about hillary clinton. if they proceed with their productions, he says he will not partner with the networks for debates during the next presidential election cycle. >> it's about a time that our party stands up and protects the party and our candidates from networks that are not in the business of promoting our party. they are not in the business of promoting our candidates. they are not in the business of doing anything but promoting the
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democratic party. and i'm not going to sit around and watch this happen anymore. >> nbc news released a statement in response saying "nbc news is independent of nbc entertainment and has no involvement in this project." just this morning the state department urging americans living in yemen to leave immediately and for others to avoid traveling there at all. this as embassies in africa and the middle east are closed again this morning and now there's greater insight as to why. u.s. intelligence intercepted communications between the al qaeda leader in pakistan and the leader of the group's regional wing that's based in yemen. as al qaeda central leadership weakens, the organization is leaning on affiliate groups even more. they are arguing the influence is not what it once was. >> there's no question over the past several years al qaeda core has been greatly diminished.
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not because what's also true is that al qaeda and affiliated organizations represent a continued threat to the united states. >> down in the polls and with some moems, anthony weiner trying to say on message in his bid to become the next mayor. but it's not an easy jump on the stump when the media is focused on his scandals and run-ins like this one at campaign stops. >> i'm passionate? more passionate that you on twitter. i'm a social media expert. get someone to handle your [ bleep ]. you are disgusting. >> you have had your say. >> and [ bleep ] you all. >> you have little kids. >> you have no right to talk about anything. you have no right to talk about
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lil kids. talking about lil kids, social media, up to see some twitter action. >> that was right there was a vine. president obama headed to phoenix today where he will lay out his plan for the mortgage finance system. his plan will include shutting down fannie mae and freddie mac. the government aims to replace the programs with a system relying on the private sector to buy mortgages from lenders. the white house says the president's plan has bipartisan support from capitol hill. this story is pretty disturbing. an escaped python being blamed for the death of two boys in canada. the children were sleeping above a pet store. the python reportedly up to 16 feet long escaped its enclosure and killed the 5 and 7-year-old boys who were reportedly brothers. the snake was later caught.
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african rock pythons feed on monkeys and even crocodiles. just a horrible story. the tsa are well known at the airports, but you don't have to book a flight to see officers at work. the agency is taking on an increased role at sporting events, concerts, rodeos, train stations and even along interstate highways. it's not sitting well with some civil liberties groups and members of congress who say the agency is already on thin ice with the public. the tsa administrator says the agency's mandate is to protect high-risk targets and that expands beyond air travel. now to business where stocks will look to rally after retreating from record highs. the dow had a tough day down 46 points. let's check in with jeff live for us in london. good morning, jeff. >> a couple interesting stories for you, brian.
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cbs remains in the dark. that's four days now. cbs calling the latest initiative from tmc ceo a sham. so at the moment, no reconciliation over the cbs blackout on retransmission fee spat. another interesting one, the fbi found vulnerabilities in the black boxes that move economic data concerns about potential to hack into these black boxes. something that they will continue to look at. it's a report in the "wall street journal." a the moment, they say no evidence that anybody has tried to exploit early release of the data for trading advantage, brian. >> always looking at twitter and its relationship to tv viewing. there's a new study that has some interesting insight. >> yeah, it's fascinating. nielsen putting together the tv ratings. they have a business
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relationship. they looked at a bunch of shows. 221 episodes of programming. what they found is about 29% of the time, there was evidence that people tweeting about what they were seeing was driving other people to tune in and wat watch. and the other way around. they say there is evidence that twitter itself can increase or the traffic can increase as people tweet about what they are watching. so they are looking to see if there's some way of just working this up into a more profitable business story. >> e we know when european squawk box trends, people flock. we know that. >> always, always. i think it's the same on your show as well. >> jeff live for us in london, thank you. let's stick to twitter for a second. you want to feel old? risky business is now 30 years old. ♪
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>> i didn't need to see tom cruise in his underwear at 5:00 a.m. it it made us wonder the best '80s movie scenes. there are just some awesome ones. tweet us your most creative answers. e we already have a few. still ahead on "way too early," the new details we have on johnny manziel and the investigation into the autograph dealer who is actually verifying part of the story that he got paid to sign autographs. and jimmy fallon plays egg russian roulette with seth meyers. [ whispering ] uh! i had a nightmare!
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in a heisman trophy winner johnny manziel. a frnds of manziel's said he will no longer sign memorabilia for free. he's under investigation for getting paid five figures for signing autographs. despite the suspension and all those distractions we're dealing with in baseball, amazing plays on the field. we're going to show a couple for you. continuing to amaze, this time with defense. runner on first, watch the relay. bare hands it. fires it in. boom, boom, and boom. out at the plate. the dodgers win 3-2. kansas city royals put on a beating on the twins, but here's a highlight for minnesota. the third baseman trevor plouffe, that's like a gymnast. it looks painful. he caught it it and held on. they lost. this one from austin jackson in
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cleveland. take a look at that one. steals a home run. that's great timing. it might have been the difference in the game. detroit wins 4-2. you know the phrase don't count your chickens before they hatch? here's case in point from the x games. >> will she take the gold medal in los angeles? ohno! pumped her first. she thought she was going to win it and opened the door. >> i mean, first of all the bad form is in so many bay waist. you don't do it on the second to last turn. >> there was a skier in the olympics that did that. >> you do it as you get the checkered flag. >> i feel bad for her, but i don't. you tell your kids, stay humble. >> be happy with "way too
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early." >> weather around the country is a lot like yesterday. we're dealing with horrible flooding concerns in missouri. these thunderstorms are drenching southern missouri. it's not going to be pretty once the sun comes up. as far as the heat goes, it was 102 yesterday in dallas. this is five days in a row and right through this week into the weekend, easily 100 plus. dallas, you're going to go 10 to 15 days in a row of 100-degree heat. there are some showers and storms around d.c. this morning. once you're north of d.c. from philly, you'll be dry today. enjoy it while it lasts. we only have one or two more of these nonhumid days left in new england. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," much more on the a-rod suspension. why the slugger deserves the suspension. when we come back here, we'll huddle around the cooler. late night hosts are loving the
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that appears on your screen.
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at the top of the show, we talked about amazon's ceo jeff bezos and his purchase of "the washington post." if you want to sound smart, tell your friends, bezos' net worth is $28.2 billion. he purchased the paper for $250 million which is less than 1% of
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his total net worth. not bad if you can get it. lewis in the cooler. >> let's start with the late night hosts not being able to resist the alex rodriguez story. >> alex rodriguez, or a-rod has been suspended through the end of next season. >> 12 players got 50-game suspensions. a-rod is suspended for 211 games. 211 is what they calculated his battliing average would have ben without the drugs. >> otherwise known as what a single baseball game feels like. >> the league grew more suspicious last summer when alex rodriguez won his seventh tour de france. >> he's going to appeal the decision and keep playing. even anthony weiner was like,
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man, some people just don't know when to quit. just get out. >> jimmy fallon wasn't just making jokes. he was playing a serious game with seth meyers. it's called egg russian roulette. some are boiled and some are not. take a look. >> well done. >> oh! >> like a good detective, this is hard boiled. >> yes! >> he wins!
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>> that looks like a lot of fun. mumford and sons are a band known pr their style in clothes and sound. this video plays off their no nonsense reputation. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that was heartwarming and moving and extremely funny.
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finally, we like to shed light on cutting edge products. today we're talking about the donut ice cream sandwich. find the local to get your hands on one of these donut sandwiches. they are also offering an option. it's the mocha java chocolate donut sandwich. mika, please done tell me you wouldn't like to take a big bite of one of those. >> everything about what you just said is all wrong. and the way you said it and how you look saying it it too. thank you. coming up on "morning joe, "-- what time is it? nbc news has learned the u.s. is now stepping up security at drone bases in addition to closing down embassies in the wake of an ongoing terror threat. we'll talk to the former
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chairman of the homeland security. the "washington post" is changing hands with an internet billionaire taking ownership of the iconic paper. we'll get reaction from some of the biggest names. on the topic of internet giants, we'll talk to the ceo who went to the cover of forbes magazine. that's straight ahead on "morning joe." still ahead on "way too early," the best '80s movies scenes you can think of. we'll be right back. hero: if you had a chance to go anywhere in the world, but you had to leave right now, would you go? man: 'oh i can't go tonight' woman: 'i can't.' hero : that's what expedia asked me. host: book the flight but you have to go right now. hero: (laughs) and i just go? this is for real right? this is for real? i always said one day i'd go to china,
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30 today so we asked for your best '80s movie scenes. future" some good ones for me. thanks for playing today. "morning joe" starts right now. number 13, alex rodriguez. [ booing ] >> popped up, left field. diving is wells, he can't make the play and a-rod gets a single ins his first at-bat. >> i don't think there's a well in any of this situation. i just hope that
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